Do you have a big assignment coming up and need someone to take a look at it?

Do you need help writing assignments because English is not your first language?

Do you struggle to get the grades you deserve?

Sometimes what you’ve written is right, but it doesn’t exactly make sense, that’s where we can help! We provide proofreading and editing services to help you perfect your assignments and achieve the grades you really deserve.


Our editing services are for students who are less confident with their English writing capabilities. We will read through your document, correcting spelling and grammar as well as rewriting sentences to make your work read better. We are careful with our editing and make sure that your work is still your work, we only rewrite sentences that don’t read properly. We will not rewrite your whole document. If you are over the assigned word limit and don’t how to cut your work down, this is for you. To help you improve your writing skills we provide comments throughout your work and give you tips on where you can improve on your next assignment.


Our proofreading services includes reading through documents, checking the spelling and grammar and making minor edits. This service is perfect for those who need an extra set of eyes to look over their work and look for the tiny mistakes, as you know this can be the difference between a lower and higher grade.   


Whether you need to write in American-English or UK-English, we’ve got you covered. We have previously worked with students from international schools across the globe, students from UK schools and universities as well as students from American schools and colleges.

For our prices please email us with the type of service you’d like (proofreading and/or editing), the number of words your document has and the language required American-English or UK-English.


Have a deadline in a few days and need your work proofread quickly?

We can provide a quick turnaround of 1-2 days if necessary, but this comes with an additional ‘rush fee.’