Our basic social media messaging service is available for Facebook Business pages, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn Company pages. We make sure your accounts are active by posting 3-4 messages per week. It’s the best beginner service for individuals and companies that struggle to keep their social media account active.

We charge £99 per social media account, per month. The service runs monthly and you can cancel or upgrade whenever you like.

We create and publish posts on your social media accounts on agreed days.

We are invisible. Your customers and competitors won’t know that we’re doing it for you.

If you want to be even more active, you’ll need to level up to our Social Media Marketing service.

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  • 3-4 tailored posts per week
  • Relevant images and links
  • Analytics provided by Facebook Insights



  • 4-5 tailored posts per week
  • Relevant images, links and hashtags
  • Analytics provided by Twitter



  • 3-4 tailored posts per week
  • Relevant images and hashtags
  • Analytics provided by Instagram      



  • 3-4 tailored posts per week
  • Relevant images and links
  • Analytics provided by LinkedIn       


Top 3 reasons to choose GeckoGecko

You’re simply too busy

We get it, you’re busy running a successful business and feel you should shout about it more but you just don’t have the time. It’s probably on your to-do list but you’re just never going to get round to ticking it off. That’s where we come in, we keep your business active on social media so you can tick off those more important to-dos.


You’re a little unsure on how to do it

There’s a right way and a wrong way to do social media and if you don’t know what you’re doing it can negatively affect your business. We’ve got it covered, we’ve been doing social media for years so we know what’s what. When you’re ready to take the reins just cancel our service.


You don’t want to do it

We may be passionate about social media but that doesn’t mean you are. You didn’t get in to the job you do now to spend hours figuring out how to optimise the different algorithms on social media.  So we’ve got you covered, we know how to make it work for you and we’re good at it.