Our social media services help your accounts thrive. We create unique posts that educate, entertain and inspire, generating community engagement and growing your online presence.  

We offer four social media services, all varying in levels of involvement.

We work with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn


Social Media Messaging

We create 3-4 posts per week using relevant images and links to engage your audience and develop basic monthly analytic reports based on Facebook Insights. This service is perfect for a company who wants to keep things ticking over.

Social Media Marketing

This service has a higher level of involvement. We focus on the day to day running of your account by managing notifications and messages, creating interesting posts and understanding your audience’s personas.



Social Media Management

This is our top-level service. We create 3-5 unique and professionally written posts per week with relevant images and links. In-depth research about your competitors as well as your target audience will be conducted to really understand what makes them tick. This will enable us to encourage users to better engage with your brand and grow your following. Highly detailed monthly analytic reports will be provided and will include actionable insights for the following month.

Social Media Advertising

Online advertising can lead to higher levels of engagement, an increased number of followers and greater brand exposure. We will create adverts that are visually appealing with great copy that will entice your target audience to achieve your desired outcome. We’ll target the right people, at the right time, with the right message. This can be a one off advertising campaign or a series of campaigns.


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