When dealing with customers it’s always very important to get your content right.

Many businesses from hotels to hair salons write content in English to be make their products and services more accessible for everyone however, they don’t always get it right. Translation is notoriously tricky. When something is translated it always needs to be looked over by a native English speaker to ensure the spelling, grammar and sentence structure in relation to the context is correct.

It’s amazing just how many companies approve and print content that has glaring mistakes in it, even large international brands. It’s highly likely you’ve seen such content when you travel.

We provide proofreading and editing services for any business who’s looking to print English content. We’ve worked with companies in varying industries all over the world and have helped them to produce perfectly written copy. We don’t change what you write, we just make sure it reads correctly.



Our editing services includes reading through your documents, correcting spelling and grammar as well as rewriting sentences to make your content read better. We are careful with our editing and make sure that your content remains the same, we only rewrite sentences that don’t read properly. We will not rewrite your whole document.


Our proofreading services includes reading through documents, checking the spelling and grammar and making minor edits. This service is perfect for those who need an extra set of eyes to look over their work and look for the tiny mistakes, as you know this can be the difference between looking sloppy and professional. 

Our services are available for content written in American-English or UK-English.

Have a short deadline and need your work proofread quickly?

We can provide a quick turnaround of 1-2 days if necessary, depending on the size of the documents, but this comes with an additional ‘rush fee.’

To find out how we can help you, please email us your company name, the type of documents you need proofread and/or edited and a rough estimate of the wordcount.